Hi and welcome to my naturist pages. In here you'll find lists of naturist places I've been to. You'll find out about the things I do to help promote naturism and the places where you'll find me on the internet.

First a little about me. I've been a naturist pretty much all my life. My father introduced me as a child and I've enjoyed it ever since. There have been times in my life when I didn't really practice it, like during the time I was married to a non-naturist. But all my life I've disliked wearing clothing of any kind.

You'll find me writting messages about naturism at NetNude along with a lot of other naturists, you probably saw the link to it on my main homepage. NetNude also has a weekly interntet conference on Thursdays, you can find out more about it on my NetNude page. I also handle techical support on NetNude. In addition to my participation on NetNude.

I've often been asked what is naturism and why do I practice it. I must say that it's been very hard for me to really define it as it seems to be atleast a slightly different thing to different people. For me it is primarily about comfort. The binding restrictiveness of clothing has always been an annoyance to me and the less I can wear of it the more comfortable I am. There is however also the sensual feeling such as a light breeze over the body when outside, or the warmth of the sun as it strikes your body. Many people nudists and non-nudists alike recognize that feeling. This is the reason so many people flock to the beaches in the summer to lay out with as little as possible between them and the sun. So if being out with only a tiny bathing suit feels good why wear anything at all? Wouldn't that feel even better?

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