Naturist Places

Some of the resorts I've been to in my life include...

Buff Creek (formerly Treehouse Nudist Ranch) CA It seems Buff Creek is about to see yet another new manager. Check back in here in June for my first impression.
Olive Del CA Somewhat older facilities, but nice people. This is one of the few places that I've been to that seems to be making an effort to bring in children and keep them happy.
Glen Eden CA Certainly the nicest most up to date facility in So. California. It has a bit too much concrete for my personal tastes but very nice just the same.
Swallows CA Placed in El Cajon near San Diego this is another older facility but seems to be pretty well kept up. They have some nice area's for hiking and the grounds are reasonably attractive.
McConville CA Nice people but too "rustic" for my tastes. Up in the Mt's above Lake Elsinore this place provides a little cooler environment than some of the other So Cal. resorts. A definite plus when the weather really get's hot.
Lupin CA This resort has a wide mixture of old and new through-out. As usual the people were great. I found the grounds to be much to my liking, much greener than you find in So. Cal. And with hiking trails the I found really relaxing and peaceful.
Laguna Del Sol CA This one unlike most that I've been to is on a flat piece of land for some reason I don't find that attractive. Most of the club owned facilities were very new and excellent.
Ponderosa Park Toronto Canada One of the larger more developed nudist facilities I've been to. The housing was nicer than most and spread over a large distance. Some how I felt less comfortable there as it was so large I didn't get that "small community" feeling that I usually find.
Four Seasons Toronto Canada
Avalon WV This place was converted from a non-nudist facility and so has the quality in amenities that are not always found in naturist places. The people there were very friendly, I found getting comfortable there unusually easy.
White Thorne Lodge This seemed a nice club, unfortunately I went at a time that didn't afford me opportunity to get to know the members there. The grounds were very nice and large.

Beaches I've been to...

Blacks Beach San Diego CA Not hard to find but man what a hike or climb depending on your choice. This is probably one of the busiest nude beaches in So. Cal.
San Onofre San Onofre CA It's a nice beach, but they do have problems with inappropriate acts occasionally.
Red White and Blue CA This is a private beach and you have to pay for it's use. The beach it's self is small but has pleasant surroundings. There is camping and living areas prior to the actual beach that are a bit run down. That situation really detracted from the overall experience for me.

Sandy Hook

NJ The second largest clothing optional beach I've been to(see Studland[g]). The one time I was there was unfortunately during less than perfect weather so the beach was fairly empty. However it was an attractive beach and included signage to remove any question of legality.
Studland Beach UK This was the largest c/o beach I've ever had the pleasure to relax on. The people were many and pleasant. I was impressed with the way the non-naturist and naturists co-inhabited the beach.
Brighton Beach UK least on this beach you don't need to worry about sand working it's way into uncomfortable places[g]. The beach is covered with small smooth rocks. Right in the heart of town the nude area is separated from the road by a wall of piled rocks. There were a few too many exhibitionists there for my tastes.
Batshead Beach UK Down in a large cove Batshead was attractive though not very large. Covered with the same rock as Brighton it was a little difficult walking to the c/o end and the beach wasn't very deep running into a high cliff only a few yards from the water. Still isolated in the cove as it was warm and easy to get out of the wind.

Other naturist places...

Kiva House CA A wonderful place that I could easily spend the day at anytime. Kiva house is a converted house with dressing a room, upstairs massage room, and reading room well supplied with a wide variety of books. Outside was a small lawn, massage tables, large hot tub and a cold tub. in the middle of the lawn area was a small sauna, and 3 (I think) private hot tubs.
Desert Shadows Inn Palm Springs CA A beautiful first class hotel. They have all the typical amenities of a hotel. restaurant, weight room, small library hot tub, and two swimming pools (one for quiet relaxation) also on the grounds were tennis courts. The owners were just wonderful and very friendly. The cost is little more than your typical naturist resorts but well worth the price if you like being pampered.

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